Sunday, September 16, 2012

USA: McCall, ID - Scenes from the Week

We were so lucky to have Aunt Carly in McCall to entertain all of the kids :)!  She brought so many fun games and crafts..... my mind had not even gotten to that level of thinking!  One of the best things she did was brought everyone boats to decorate!!  She cut them out herself and drilled necessary holes.... AMAZING is the only word to describe her!! 

Here are some random scenes from our week......

Don't mind the homely looking Vaughan children :) I wasn't up to make them change yet!
David trying to feed a.... fox?!  WTH.
M giving people pen fortunes......
M wearing random shoes/socks found on the floor and sucking on a potato gun!!  Yum!
"Aunt Jonette, Aunt Jonette.... get my senior picture pose PLEASE!"
Lovely Ladies!!  You'll never guess who just turned 60!! 

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  1. Those boats are beautiful! It makes me wish I was a woodworker.