Monday, July 16, 2012

Ready to Ride......

Not to worry.... I may not have my mini van to pledge my love but I can still do it on my new ride!  My only saddness is that church is too far away to ride with all the kids.   It felt like a silent finger to the man (not THE Man) to park my liberal decked out van in the parking lot.

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International Friendship Day

I have been in blog fetal position.  After coming back from Cambodia our lives kicked into high gear.  During my big blog pause we have traveled to America for a month and had good friends visit.   I will catch up this week I promise!  I have several really good posts floating around in my head.

Right before we left for America I got a call from the Parent Volunteer Coordinator at the school.  She asked if I was willing to participate in the schools Friendship day.  She said she wanted me to do a booth about America and that she would like the girls to participate in the "fashion show".   Umm... ok?!  "What would you like the girls to wear?"  Her reply, "I would like one to be a cowboy and the other to be a princess?!!  Argh.  Is that what they think of us?  Ok!  I got this.....

I collected supplies, borrowed flags, cowGIRL boots, and of course in true over American mom style I stayed up all night preparing my "booth" and the girls outfits.

I was the first to school to set up.  I surprised the maintenance uncle by asking him for a ladder to hang my flag....  I set up what I thought looked like an awesome, understated booth.  Then I waited... and waited.  I had gotten there one hour before it started.... like they asked.  30 minutes before it started... only me and my starting to seem crazy display.  15 min.... still only me and my crazy display.  5 minutes I started seeing some others rushing to set up.

I looked around and realized that my booth would have looked perfect in AMERICA.  BUT.... here... It was out of control.  The only other booth that even came close was the Korean booth but it was done by students , not a parent, and they had done it before.  Their booth included lucky draws (huge here), sweets, and KPop star stuff.   It was a huge hit with the kids.

My booth had a few visitors every now and then..... but I felt glaringly American.  I had tried so hard to keep it toned down but even that was way too much.

I LOVED the friendship day.  The kids really did learn about different cultures.  I realized that I don't need to do it the way we do it in America (big, break our backs trying to please).

Next year, I will show up with a small display, couple of facts on paper, and an art project for the kids to do.... and I won't wear patriotic colors :)


Here she blows.... you can't see the picture of MLK or the 1976 flag on either side....

Malaysian friend manning the booth next to me asked if she could put on the cowGIRL hat!  I am sure I made her post on FB :)  

Anu!  My good friend from the condo.  She was there representing India.
Stanley visiting from a cousin......
Beautiful Chinese painting at the next booth......
Korean Girls!

The Korean booth was a hit!

The Malay booth next to mine!
All of the countries we learned about... which one of these is not like the others?
This is one of the slides for America.  For whatever reason people here are endlessly interested in Halloween.  It never occurred to me until we moved here how unique/weird Halloween is.
And here you have your American Cowboy & Princess.... With her AMERICAN girl doll... yes, I am clever.
Cute Cute G.
Indian crew....
Korean crew.....
Indian Dance Troupe
Chinese Dance Troupe
These girls were so into it!  I LOVED it!
Still can't get over the sea of black heads!
The fashion show participants!