Monday, August 13, 2012

USA: Boise Zoo w/Grandpa Pops!

The Boise Zoo is always a favorite stop of ours..... We took Lucy, Margo (my sister Cara's girls) & Grandpa Pops and enjoyed a day at the zoo and Five Guys for dinner (my favorite part).

The crew
Sweet Margo.... I can't get enough of this kid!
Moment of love between the fighting!
Sweet first children.....
Margo is so sticken cute!

USA: Idaho City w/ Smithanicks

Our first trip back to the USA came in May.  We were so excited to be back, see family and eat, shop eat, shop!!  I was very fearful of the plane ride and it was a cinch.  I guess nothing could ever be as bad as traveling by myself with a two year old and with my oldest in a leg cast......

Our first stop back in the states was Idaho!!  We were able to spend a lot of time in the outdoors and play with friends and cousins.  Our first big event was camping with our dear friends the Smithanicks!  We have been friends since before either of us had children.  They went to school in Maryland and we became really dear friends.  We camped overnight in Idaho City.  It was so much fun!

We borrowed my sister's truck..... I LOVED it!  Fulfilled my fantasies about being a truck driving mama....  My kids loved it was well.  They played in the truck bed endlessly.
Enjoying the free flow of soda!
These two played for about 2 hours in the truck bed
We roasted SOOOO many marshmallows.... had to get our fix!
Sweet friends!