Monday, June 27, 2011

Hard Life

I am having a really hard time figuring out what to post and what to not post on my blog... I feel like I need a private blog to be sarcastic and funny on and a public one to show the happy face! This dilemma is causing me to not blog.... Argh! Oh well... here are some fun pictures (thank you Sarah) from a recent trip to Tanjong Beach Club on Sentosa Island. We had a great day with the kids in the sun and sand.  THIS is why I moved to Singapore!

Sweet Sarah the ring leader of all things fun!

Bathing Beauties.... Myself, Sarah, Jane B

Did we have ALL these kids??  Eating their "truffle fries".  The cost of being at a fancy club :)  That and $6 cokes.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A's Birthday Week Part I

A is going Asian on me with the peace sign....

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Birthday Hats, Presents, & Cake

ME turned 3 on Monday!!  After A's big birthday I have to say I was not as enthusiastic as I should have been for ME's birthday only one week later.  I mustered the energy to ask ME what she wanted to do for her Birthday and to my delight she was easy.  She wanted to skype with " her husband Marky & BFF Charlotte", have party hats, cake, and presents!  Needless to say we hit them all with style!  Here are a few pictures for our adoring fans.....

Presents... check

Party hats... check.

Build a Bear slippers from Grandma Vaughan were the favorite..

Cake.... Check.  In my defense.. the girls insisted on decorating the cake.  It hurt... a little to let them.

Could not get her to look at the camera for anything... Sigh.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A's Baptism Tuesday May 31, 2011

My sweet A was baptized last night.  We were blessed to have some good friends from Maryland (who now live in Taiwan) attend.  George and LeeAnn Ward arrived on Saturday night and we had a wonderful weekend catching up and feeling the comfort of an old friendship.

Yesterday was filled with frustrations of getting the slide show assembled, figuring out how to print the program on an A4 paper machine when trying to use 8x10 paper, printing a picture last minute, and the general mishaps that happen when planning any big event you really care about and want to be just so.   Right before the meeting I was helping A put her clothing in the dressing room and we were talking about her getting baptized.  She looked at me and said, "you know what I think is cool mom?  When the bishop interviewed me I was able to choose whether or not I wanted to get baptized.  He told me it was my choice."  It was the first time I realized that we hadn't made that clear to her.

Once the meeting got started I felt a peace in my heart.  I gave all of my efforts to make the day special to God and hoped it would be a wonderful experience for Alice. 

It was more than I could have hoped for.  Friends from Kensington had sent A special messages with video.  We had so many people here to support us.  One friend came early just to help us set up.  We had dear friends give talks and share personal testimony.  M was able to baptize and confirm her.  The bishopric member who welcomed her told us of a special experience he had with a dream and being blessed with a spiritual experience where he felt God had shared with him what he was supposed to say to A.   We had prayers given that evoked God's spirit and the spirit of those around us. 

We didn't get perfect pictures but the evening was perfect.  I felt like all my efforts and the efforts of others were magnified by Heavenly Father and created an evening that was sacred.  We are so proud of A for choosing to begin her life of discipleship.

My mom made her dress and gave her pearls that were hers.

Not the best picture but it was the best of the family and the only one were G wasn't itching her .......

I love this picture.  It was M's face right after he baptized A.

In my fever to purchase everything American before I left the states I purchased a huge thing of ring pops from Costco.  As with many things that I purchased when I arrived in Singapore I thought... What was I thinking?  I found the perfect use for them last night!  They were the hit of the party!!

George and LeeAnn Ward

Melt downs waiting for the taxi..... Ring pop mouth

Welcome to the Jungle. 
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