Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Birthday Fun!

The great benefit to having given birth to three little ladies is that my birthday gets done right!  They got M excited two weeks in advance..... started making banner's and homemade gifts two days before, woke me up with big hugs & cards, and really made it feel festive!

M really out did himself this year..... he stayed home from morning meetings to help me get to church with the girls, let me take a LOOONG nap Sunday nap, made dinner & cake (from scratch), added music to my phone (something I have dreamed about), and took me to a awesome piano concert.

Then.... if that wasn't all enough, my dear friend Mg threw me a wonderful brunch!  I have to say that this birthday couldn't have been more perfect.... 

This care package came ON my Birthday!!  How amazing is this???  Sweet SC. 

Love from the primary!!  (can was filled with US candy!!)

Chocolate from Switzerland (how spoiled am I?)

Shirt that was part of the "care package" & necklace from B!

$20 bacon... and it was SO good!  Only on special occasions because of the price and our helper (she has Sundays off)  doesn't do any kind of pork.

Savory filling for crepes

Sweet filling for crepes

How cute is this?  M's first cake from scratch!

Birthday Brunch!  Sweet Mg the hostest with the mostest!


Sweet JM made my cake!  It was the BEST lemon cake ever!!

I took the girls out of school for my party.... The school is VERY strict about absences.  When they asked me the purpose, I said," family appointment".  I felt pretty good about not totally lying.  I had to be very firm and repeat myself several times when pressed.  When Greta finally came into the office she declared that she, "was SO EXCITED for my party"... right in front of the office staff.  Sigh.

All my sweet ladies who make my Singapore life so nice!