Tuesday, March 22, 2011

First Big Cry

So it happened Sunday... Our first big cry.  It was significant for many reasons. 

1.  I had been telling everyone that the girls were totally happy about the move and had no apprehensions.

2.  I knew that with a house full of girls there was bound to be a moment when the crying moved from I am a baby and don't know how to express myself to I am a girl full of emotions that only come out through tears.

AV came home from church feeling a little sad... I asked her what was wrong.  She burst out in tears saying that I had not informed her that it was our "last Sunday."  (They had sung goodbye to her)  I was at fault for not preparing her but .......how was I to know that it would not elicit the same response (elation) that has come every other time someone has mentioned the move?

We both had a really good cry on the couch.  We cried for the friends we will leave behind, we cried for the baptism that will take place with out all of our loved ones around, we cried for the unknown, and we cried for the feelings of apprehension of having to make new friends.

It was a real bonding moment between the two of us.


  1. Jonette, that made me nearly cry. I'm so glad you started a blog! Thank you for sharing.